Aug 15, 2011

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Dear Bharath alumni/student,
Hope you doing great. We are/were a part of Bharath University and proud to be one. I tried searching Bharath University's page in facebook, i found so many. I got confused which one is genuine. Finally i found the official page which has just 300 likers. The reason being students and alumni are scattered into so many pages. Summing up the likers of all pages goes beyong 3000. So, i thought why shouldn't we get united to make one big community. We all know 'United we stand, Dividened we fall'. 

So, My personal and humble request to you is  Join the official page of Bharath University by clicking the link and click on "Like" button.
or just click on "Like" here

Do Not forget to share it with your friends. Have a Nice day ..

Sawood Azami- (EEE-2010)

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